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Just so you all know. [10 Apr 2003|09:57am]

>Please save the date for our upcoming Thornton Friends School Reunion -
> >Saturday, May 17th (after 4:00 pm). Invitations with details will be
> >& emailed soon.
> >
> >Carolee Harvey
> >Director of Development
> >Thornton Friends School
> >(301) 384-6672
> >www.thorntonfriends.org
> >carolee@thorntonfriends.org
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[16 Dec 2002|11:03am]

Talking with Doug was once again amazing. He is so beautful in my mind, something heavenly. We talked about what we were doing with for Christmas and he was so happy with how individual I have become. Anytime anyone wants confidence, he is so willing to be there for you and give it to you. He was that little bit of added strength to get me through this week in preporation for home. He sends his love to all of you, he told me to tell you guys.
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[09 May 2002|12:46am]

[ mood | guilty ]

know what guys?
we never use this community.
we really should though.
Not that I have anything to write in here right now or anything...
But someone must, right?

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! r r0x0r!g j00 [14 Feb 2002|04:04pm]

H3 3v3r03, tH!$ !$ $t3pH3 H4rtw3ll, ! d!d't g0 t0 tH0rt0, ! f4t ! w4$'t 3v3 ! H!gH $H00l wH3 tH!$ wH0l3 r4z gr0up 0r!g!4t3d, but ! $t!ll 0ut $0 H4H
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[14 Feb 2002|02:15pm]

shcuks. no one wants to be in our community.
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[13 Feb 2002|01:32am]

it is done. i, with the inadvertent help of loren5, have created a place to make announcements, have arguments, share love and all those other things we are so good at. whoo hoo!

this community is open to everyone that has ever known the closeness, insanity and/or drama that is the original thornton crew and close associates (associates being people such as corrinne, aaron, stephen, etc.). not all of us will get along... in fact some of us may have incredible animosity. however, i don't want that to stop anyone from joining. i know we can all get along, actively or through ignoringness) in this format.

so, yeah, guys...

let's get it on.
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